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State in Southwestern Asia (Transcaucasia)

Capital - Tbilisi

Official language - Georgian

Head of state and head of government - President

Monetary unit: Lari = 100 Tetri

Issuing authority - National Bank of Georgia

1 Lari = $0,5300

Series of 2002-2008

Main security features of the series

The common features for banknotes of all denominations are a watermark, a windowed security thread, and a see-through feature.

Images printed in luminescent and metameric inks are used for authentication with special equipment. Banknotes of the medium denominations (5-20 lari) have additional latent images and foil stamping. Banknotes of the higher denominations (50-100 lari) have a hologram, OVI, and an iridescent stripe on the back. The highest denomination (200 lari) has a stripe hologram.

June 11,1993. All banknotes denominated in Soviet Roubles. April 5,1993. Transitional currency - Coupon was introduced instead of Soviet Rouble.

From 1924 Rouble of the USSR (Soviet Rouble) (See p. 525) was the monetary unit of Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic (being a part of the USSR). After proclaiming in April 1991 the independent Republic of Georgia the Soviet Rouble remained a legal tender in its territory until June 1993.

November 02,1995. All banknotes denominated in Coupons.

September 23,1995 national currency Lary replaced Coupon.