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Australia and OceaniaAsiaAmericaArctic and AntarcticaAfricaEuropeRussia, USSRCIS, Baltic, Caucasus
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State in Western Africa

Member of the Commonwealth 

Capital - Accra Official language - English

Head of state and head of government - President Monetary

unit: Cedi = 100 Pesevas

Issuing authority - Bank of Ghana

1 Cedi = $0,7081

Main security features of the series

Banknotes of all denominations not only have an identical array of security features, but also a uniform design of the face. Banknotes of different denominations are distinguished only by the numeric image of the denomination and color.

The security complex includes a watermark, a windowed security thread, latent images (Kipp effect), OVI, a hologram (except for 1 and 5 cedi), and a see-through feature.

Banknotes also have on the face images made in iridescent inks (except for 1 cedi).